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I just got back from Rome having a few days off again, and I’m already giving you a really simple recipe! The translation is “cheese and pepper”. The sauce consists of cheese and pasta cooking water. You just have to be careful not to re-cook the sauce, which in this case may cause the pecorino to curdle. In about ten minutes, everything is ready and absolutely delicious!

Recipe for four people:

  • 400g pasta (spaghetti is traditional, but I used rigatoni here)
  • 250gm Pecorino Romano
  • black pepper, salt
  • olive oil

Place the peppers in a small mortar (or even on a cutting board) and crush them. On the board, take a large knife to crush it with the plate.

Put about 15 peppers on the grill for a minute over a moderate heat, stirring. Sit aside.

Put a pot of water to boil. Then put the noodles to cook for 1 minute less than the recommendation the dent. I don’t salt the pasta water at all because the pecorino is really salty.

While the pasta is cooking, grate the pecorino fine.

Pour a little cooking water into the cheese.

Using a small whisk, mix without delay and add enough water to make something creamy. Be careful not to add too much water, or the sauce will not get creamy. Go in small quantities.

Add a little roasted black pepper.

Keep some of the pasta cooking water aside. Drain the pasta and put it in the skillet over a moderate heat with two to three tablespoons of the cooking water and one tablespoon of olive oil. Cook until the liquid is completely absorbed.

Cease fire! Then pour the pecorino cream. Above all, do not turn on the fire again, otherwise the cheese will curdle. This is why reheat the pasta with a little water beforehand, so everything is hot.

Mix well.

Serve with a little black pepper.

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